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The WingEase Pillow

The WingEase Pillow

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Material: Fast Rebound Memory Foam - Removable fabric with inner cover / Colour: White / Dimensions: 60*40*10-13cm

  • 1 year Warranty
  • 2 weeks Adjustment Period
  • Free Delivery
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The new revolution in the world of comfort is now available in Lebanon for the very first time!

Innovative Ergonomic Design

The WingEase pillow is designed to provide superior support and comfort. It ensures that your spine stays properly aligned throughout the night, reducing the risk of pain and discomfort.

Yes, it has Wings

What sets the WingEase Pillow apart is its unique winged design, which makes it possible to sleep on your back, side and stomach while cradling your head and reducing the pressure in your arms & neck.

Easy to Care for

The external pillow cover is removable and machine washable and the foam filling remains protected with a non-removable inner cover.
Also, the pillow fits any pillowcase you have.

Invest in your sleep quality today and experience the ultimate comfort and support with The WingEase Pillow.


What are the exact benefits of the pillow’s shape?

  • Customizable comfort: With two different heights, you can choose the side that suits your comfort preferences and neck curve.
  • Special Wings: The 2 wings provide support for your neck and act as armrests to reduce their pressure and benefit your blood circulation.
  •  Shoulder Contour: These areas are specifically created to perfectly fill the gap between your neck and shoulders. This provides support and prevents spine misalignment for back and side sleepers.

What is the 2 weeks adjustment period?

You may need around 2 weeks to adjust to the pillow. For optimal comfort, slowly ease your way into orthopedic correction by alternating between your current pillow and the WingEase pillow, as immediate overuse may increase neck pain.

How can I clean my WingEase pillow?

To keep your pillowcase fresh and clean, remove the outer cover and wash it every 1-2 weeks. Most importantly, do not expose the pillow to direct sunlight nor wash the pillow foam filling as this can destroy and harden it.

How to remove the outer pillow cover?

  1. Unclip the snap button in the middle
  2. Unzip the pillowcase
  3. Remove the pillowcase

How often do I need to replace my pillow?

As per experts recommendation, it's better to replace your pillow every 2-3 years for hygienic reasons.